Several years ago my life was filled with stress, anxiety, and fear until one magical night I looked at an ordinary coffee cup and suddenly everything switched. I was filled with a joyfulness and inner bliss that surpassed all understanding of what was happening. Suddenly and without warning, I was beaming with a kind of ecstasy that defied imagination.

What I thought was me was NOT me.  What WAS me was all over the place. In that moment I was filled with a sense of peace that that I couldn’t contain. I felt as though I was filled with a bright light that encompassed everything and everyone around me. Before that night, I was under the impression that if my life were ever going to make sense, I would have to travel to The Mountains of Tibet and meditate for weeks to find the peace of mind of a Tibetan Buddhist.

That night I learned that I didn’t have to travel anywhere. The paradise I sought came from within. I had been looking for a place that I had never left.
Ever since the night that I became mindful of everything that is, was, or ever will be, I have sought to expand and share my spiritual journey, and this blog is the result of my search.

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